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Much too long time our homepage has been in construction. To go into this in detail would take us too far afield, but there have been many considerations, which have argued against a homepage. Meanwhile more than 2.500 articles are made alive in our production. A product-variety, which is unique in our country and maybe has no equal in Europe.

As producer we are above all partner of the wholesale. The companies Balzer, Klages, Jenzi, Hansa Angelköder and Dreckmann supervise the retail industry with our top secret products or with own brands out of our production. This isn't so easy because of the huge range of products has been a reason to pass on a comprehensive consumer information in form of a homepage. But during the last 2 years the requests of interested anglers have increased in such an extent, so that we decided to take account of the rising popularity of our range of products.

Our homepage is still under construction but we promise much interesting additions. Many new products are in progress. It's worth to visit the homepage of top secret from time to time, because we are innovative and well known for surprises. We have approved this with many new products in the past and brought so many imitators in the scene, that we absolutely had to build a platform with our homepage to oppose against the propagation of lies and often idle talk.

Petri Heil!



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