Sperm Amino Bait Powder

Taste & Smell

A patented Top-Secret-innovation par excellence!

SpermAmino is a sticky powder with revolutionary features. It sticks to raw, porous and plain surfaces, gum, plastic, textile, glass or metall and on all natural baits. The bait-surface should be a little bit wet, so that the SpermAmino can stick better.

SpermAmino has been invented based on cytoplasm over a long time and intensive experiments. Fish-milk (Sperm) and fis roe (eggs) are indicators of this new product range. Fish-sperm and especially fi­sh-eggs are extraordinary mineral- and protein-storages. The product SpermAmino owes his inimitable attracting-effect to his product-own, very special amino-acid-sequency.

All hookbaits, whether maggot, worm, potato, corn or pastry as well as all plastic-baits like spoon-baits, spinner or wobbler can be covered with a catch-improving, durable slime layer. Bewet the used bait and lay it into the powder. Hold the density-inlay and shake it for a short time. SpermAmino autmatically sticks at the bait. The powder-film swells up slimy in the water.

With SpermAmino you can imitate nearly all mosquito-larvaes true-to-life, spoon-baits, spinner or gum-fishes can be prepared with a slime-coat , dead bait-fishes can be improved to a seductive titbit and boilies, maggots, worms, even blank hook can be covered with a tasty slime-coat. SpermAmino is pure nature and a bite-intensifier par excellence.


SpermAmino Carp
Sweet Milk (white), Part. Cream (nougat), Golden Fruits (light red), Strong Fish (ocean green), Appeti Spice (sun yellow), Secret Mix (fire orange) and Spirulino Crawler (luminous)

SpermAmino Predatory
Predatory and Pike

SpermAmino Meeres Dip
Shrimp and Lugworm

SpermAmino Trout
Liver, Lachsei, Cheese, Herring, Forelli, Maggot and Shrimp

SpermAmino Stipp
Liverr, Worm and Zucki


packaging-size: 50 g


For sweet- and salt water - initially gives baits a catch-ability!



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